The Proposal Story


(Grooms Version)

A Friday Night Not to Forget

Depending who you talk to you might hear a slightly different version by the way…

I remember the day very well. I had just gotten off from work and it was a Friday night in January. It was one of those Friday’s that had me in a good mood although I didn’t have any plans and wasn’t expecting any company. Nonetheless, I was happy and looking forward to the weekend. From the office I headed to the bus station at Port Authority.

As I walked up the escalator I happened to notice a woman on the phone holding a New York Times travel bag and although she was cute, I didn’t break stride as I joined the bus line. While on the bus, I was surprisingly tapped on the shoulder and subsequently asked a question:

Random Woman: Do you work for JPMorgan?
Me: Yes – I do?!?
Random Woman: Oh that is cool…my boy friend does as well. Babe… Introduce yourself!!
Random Guy: Hey what’s up man… nice to meet you. Don’t pay her any mind we’ve been drinking so you know…we are a bit tipsey.
Me: Haha – no worries. Nice to meet you as well man.

Of course I thought, how random, but I didn’t think too much of it. It’s New York and crazier things have happened. After the brief introduction, I Busturned back around and continued to listen to my ipod. As the bus got closer to my destination, the random woman greeted her boyfriend and got off at her stop. At that moment, the random guy approached me and asked if I lived close by. Naturally I explained to him that I lived a few blocks away. He acknowledged and said he lived nearby as well. Coincidentally, we both got off at the same stop and by now we had already shared work related stories and learned that we had a lot of friends in common. While walking to my apartment, I offered to give the random guy my business card and to exchange contact information. I didn’t have any business cards handy, but we were close enough to my apartment for the random guy to just continue the walk with me. However, just as we approached my apartment door, I heard a female’s voice:

Twyla: Hey! Are you the Kappa that lives in this building?
Me: Uh…yes that is me.
Twyla: Hi my name is Twyla and I am an AKA that lives in this building as well. Nice to meet you!
Me: Nice to meet you too. Wow!!
What the hell is going on today?!? I just met this guy randomly on the bus and now you. We were just headed up to my apartment to exchange contact information. You might as well join us.

To my surprise, Twyla was the woman on the phone with the New York Times bag that had caught my eye earlier when I was at Port Authority. All I could think was – what are the chances that she would live in my building and I had never seen her before. Crazy odd!!

Random Guy: So Twyla how long have you lived in Jersey?
Twyla: I grew up in Jersey.
Random Guy: What do you do for work?
Twyla: I work for the New York Times in Human Resources. How do you two know each other?
Me: We just met a few minutes ago while on the bus. Today is just one of those days where I let all the strangers in my house.
Twyla: Hah that’s funny.
Random Guy: Twyla, what school did you go to?
Twyla: I went to Northeastern in Boston.
Me: oh nice…I’m from Boston. Well I grew up in Needham. Wait a minute; you said you’re an AKA from Northeastern? I think I know one of your Soro’s!! This is crazy… Such a small world. She won’t believe this — I’m going to call her now!
Mutual Friend on phone: Hello?
Me: Hey it’s me….Terance. Guess who is in my apartment right now?!?
Mutual Friend on phone: Who?
Me: Twyla Perrin !!
Mutual Friend on phone: Hah wow really ??!!
Me: Yea – what are the chances we live in the same building??
Mutual Friend on phone: Well duhhh!! Remember I told you one of my big sisters lives in Jersey.
Me: Yeah – I just met her so randomly though.
Mutual Friend on phone: That crazy! Well actually, you guys met back in November. I took you to her Birthday Party! Remember?
Me & Twyla: Whaaaaaa — WoW.
Twyla: Yes I vaguely remember you – but you were standing off to the side.
Me: Hah yes I remember going to that party as well. Crazy.

Over the course of the year, our friendship grew into a relationship and by the end of the 2010; Twyla and I had begun officially dating. We continued to live in separate apartments until our leases ended in the fall of the following year. In the ensuing two years of living together in the same apartment, Twyla and I learned a lot about each other, which ultimately resulted in us developing a deeper and stronger love for one another.

On May 4th 2013, I gave Twyla the surprise of a lifetime by secretly flying to Miami for the proposal. Twyla has always expressed interest in a surprise proposal so I made it a point to influence her projected timeline for a “potential proposal” early on in our relationship. I encouraged her to believe that “if” I were to propose, it would be several years out. Luckily she took the bait!! And I achieved my result….She Said YES!

Presently, 9-13-14 marks the date when Twyla and I will tie the knot together and solidify our union.

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