wondusWondus Greene– Best Man

Wondus resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife Tammie Greene. Wondus is currently the Owner-Operator at ComfortMax Heating & Cooling Inc.

What he means to me:
Aside from my mom and dad, my brother Wondus is literally the reason behind the type of person that I am today. Having an older brother is probably the best thing that ever happened to me (except for meeting my wife to be ;-). I can remember him teaching me how to be confident, how to be respectful, how to win and how to be stylish just to name a few. I don’t think he has any idea just how much he means to me. Watching my brother all these years has taught me to be strong and to be able to stand on my own.




Dr. Timothy Imafidon

Tim resides in Glen Allen, VA with his wife Dr. Erin Imafidon. Tim currently works for Valley Dental as a Pediatric Dentist.

What he means to me:
To sum it up Tim has been my go to guy for advice, laughter and encouragement over the last few years. He and I often share the same views and opinions, which is why we have become close over the years. I met Tim in 2004 when we began our quest to become members of Kappa Alpha Psi. Having started a friendship 10 years ago, it comes as no surprise that he has been there with me through many of my lows and many of my highs.


darrielDarriel Cannon

Darriel resides in Midlothian,VA and is currently completing a post baccalaureate program. He will apply to Dental School upon completion of the program.

What he means to me:
Everybody needs a die hard friend that’s down to do just about anything — this is exactly who Darriel is to me. It was 2006, and I was moving to NYC alone, away from family and friends and the first person I called was Darriel. I told him he needed to get a job in NYC so we could live together and within 30 days Darriel had secured a job and moved from Philly to NYC. I’ve known Darriel since 2004 as well — both through Kappa Alpha Psi and through Inroads. Darriel and I formed a closer bond as we both grew up post College in the fast moving NYC. He is the ultimate ride or die friend.


bradBradley Luckhardt

Brad resides in Brooklyn, NY by way of San Francisco. He is currently the Director of Business Development at Tides, which is a nonprofit organization.

What he means to me:
Most of my friends are either from college or are family members. Whether it was middle school, high school, college or post College, Brad and I have been friends ever since we met in Mr. Ericsson’s seventh grade math class. Outside looking in, Brad and I may appear to be polar opposites. For example, he likes history — I’m a math guy | he studies politics — I study Wall Street | He works in an environment where investors donate money — I work in an environment where investors want to earn more money etc. I could name hundreds of examples. What people don’t know is that Brad and I have a unique appreciation for one another and have always respected each other’s values and opinions. He and I have been friends for a long time. We both have seen each other grow up from little kids on the basketball court to young men in the corporate world.

Side note: shout out to my second mom and dad Mr. And Mrs. Luckhardt !!



terrelTerrell Blango

Terrell resides in New Haven, CT and currently attending Lincoln College of New England. He will graduate this spring with a degree in Criminal Justice.

What he means to me:
My little cousin might as well be my other little brother — I mean seriously. I’m eight years older than Terrell and just like I followed and learned from my older brother, Terrell has followed and learned from me. What Terrell doesn’t know is that he has taught me some things as well. He has taught me the importance of being a role model — my actions matter not only to me but to those that are watching me as well. He has taught me how to be selfless — I learned that there is more joy in helping someone else achieve a goal than it is for me. Most importantly, Terrell has taught me how to share my feelings — as a young man Terrell has already learned how to express himself emotionally which is something I am always working to get better at — and he has seemingly mastered it.


RandallRandall Teele

Randall resides in Charlotte, NC and is a Sr. Business Systems Consultant at Wholesale Information Services for Wells Fargo & Co.

What he means to me:
I’ve known Randall since 2003, which would be just before we became members of Kappa Alpha Psi. I admire Randall — he is one of the few guys I know that takes care of business on the home front, but also knows how to party hard. During college, while most of us were out partying and wasting time — Randall was a full time student with a full time job at Wachovia and a full time job as a father. He and I have grown closer since finishing undergrad and I’m sure we will continue to have a close bond in the years to come.




KidNana Owusu Takyi – Junior Groomsmen

Nana resides in Raleigh, NC and is currently in the fourth grade.

What he means to me:

He is my little brother…I love him


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